“Awareness Psychology”

Innsights integrates best practices from a variety of schools and disciplines. Awareness Psychology would best describe the core of our system. We focus on teaching you to generate your own insights by guiding you in your personal journey.

We believe the most effective long term benefits can be achieved by stimulating you, by asking the right questions, by evoking your enthusiasm to become the best version of yourself.

Become your own teacher

Personal Development

  • Recognize and overcome depressions
  • Transmute your anxieties (panic attacks, restlessness, worrying, ruminating, etc.)
  • How to prevent a burn-out and what to do if you got one
  • Learn effective stress management (awareness, breathing, meditation, mindfulness)
  • Find the answers to your existential & identity struggles
  • What is MY meaning of life?
  • Finding a balance in the digital age (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  • Integrate techniques to deal with social phobias (e.g. anxiety standing in front of a group of people)


  • Improve your communication (avoid unnecessary arguments or misunderstandings)
  • Learn to share your emotions and feelings
  • How to deal with intimacy issues (both physical and mental)
  • Overcome your fear of commitment
  • How to compromise and both be happy
  • Recognize subconscious grudges or resentment
  • How to be direct and honest without hurting the other
  • Deescalation techniques
  • How to work with feelings of loss of affection, love and intimacy (in the long run)


  • Recognize symptoms leading to a burn-out
  • Saying yes when meaning no. How to say no effectively
  • Setting boundaries and keeping your dignity
  • Protect yourself from bullying. Teasing can lead to bullying
  • Working efficiently and effectively means to take your rest when necessary. Learn to manage your time and find a balance between rest and productivity
  • Do you love what you do? Find out where your passion and qualities fit best


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

In 2016, 60% of illness at work on the Dutch labor market, was due to burn-out related symptoms.

Corporate workshops

Personal workshops

In the corporate workshops we focus on raising awareness on symptoms leading up to burn-outs. With a combination of creative, practical and theoretical experience, the employee gets the basic tools to recognize alarm-signs leading to burn-outs.

In the personal workshops we dive deeper into getting to know yourself better through creative expression, practical techniques and theories helping you to understand and integrate into your day to day activities. The only effective way in building resilience is when you have a high intrinsic motivation to acquire and integrate the learned knowledge. We stimulate you to apply daily, practical exercises so that you can build an effective routine in self-mastery.

Corporate Workshops

  • Why is the prevalence of burn-outs so high?
  • How to recognize the alarm-signs of burn-outs
  • Practical exercises for the prevention of burn-outs
  • Get to know your colleagues
  • Facilitating group cohesion
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Setting boundaries: learn to say no

Individual Workshops

  • Who are YOU?
  • Daily and weekly at-home exercises
  • Keep track of your progress in your personal notebook
  • How to find your creative outlet
  • Practical group exercises
  • Effective awareness techniques: mindfulness, meditation, breathing
  • You are what you eat. How to effectively improve your health with a balanced diet (= no diet)
  • Tackle the challenges of your mind. How to find peace in the continuous and nonstop rush of thoughts
  • Balance your mind and body: recognize and name your feelings and emotions

Music, Sound & Frequencies

Music as a universal language.

Ancient cultures knew how to manipulate sound frequencies to heal both physical, mental and spiritual diseases. It is an area not yet well understood in our western world, though its effectiveness can be seen on a daily basis.

Whether at home, listening to a melancholic composition evoking a myriad of emotions, or a concert by night filling us with joy, to most of us this does not sound unfamiliar.

We explore the world of sound and wish to establish a multitude of methods involving music, sound and frequencies to the benefit of everyone.

Music Performance

For more information, visit Deep Filip

Sound Design

Designing sound experiences, group immersions, immersions, healing chambers, sonic therapies and more for Soulvana, division of Mindvalley.

Soulvana is Mindvalley’s platform & first-of-its-kind community for spiritual people, created and designed to elevate your spirituality, expand your awareness & raise your energetic vibration through transformational learning experiences with some of the greatest spiritual teachers, immersive events around the globe and mobile apps for daily meditations and energy work.

Visit us at

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